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“We no longer have choice. We no longer have voice. And what is left when you have no choice and no voice? Exit.” - Andreas Antonopoulos

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  • Super neat to know this! I wonder if we can examine other corporate logos and see what hidden messages they have!

    Checks Ubisoft and Hewlett-Packard logos

    Huh. There’s something odd about the logos for both these companies. All I see is “negative”, not even “negative space”. Is it normal for the company to just be completely negative, or am I misreading the logo?

  • My spouse and I are gamers. It’s fun to introduce them to a game and watch them experience it for the first time. Every now and then they don’t like a game I’ve introduced, and other times they end falling in love with the game. Right now my spouse is introducing me to Hades, and they’re watching my experiences with it: it’s a good game so far, but they rave about it so I wanted to know what it’s like. We get to hang out while they watch me play, and it’s quality time together. Who knows, maybe this will be a favorite game of mine too?

    I don’t watch strangers online play games, but let’s pretend there’s a content creator who I enjoy watching, is close to my age, and I enjoy their personality. How cool would it be to watch that person play some of my favorite games: nostalgic games, ones that inspired me, introduced me to new concepts, broke me, etc. If I aligned with that content creator, I’d love to hear what they think - what they liked and didn’t like about the game, how they felt with the thought-provoking moments, etc.

    With that said, some persons like to watch others play games for these reasons and more.

  • Fair enough, megacorps certainly are amoral in their decisions, which generally leads to evil outcomes.

    Have you considered what happens to indie game devs, which aren’t megacorps? They list games on Gamepass to increase exposure. Microsoft takes a cut of the monthly fee and the rest is dispersed to the publishers and then all the way down to the game devs getting a small slice of the monthly fee.

    When OP issues a charge back, the game devs aren’t getting paid. Is that fair to indie game devs? They don’t get paid if Microsoft and the various publishers don’t get paid.

    Granted, I’m not justifying subscriptions. I personally dislike Games-as-a-Service as I prefer to own my games. But using a paid service, and then charging back against the company? Especially when it’s smaller game devs on that platform, too, hoping to make it big one day.

    I don’t think indie devs should eat your ass, or the original commenter’s ass. Frankly, they need money to eat and pay their bills just like us plebs.

  • I love my cat, and if he did this, I would be absolutely flattered that he felt safe to eat a meal on top of me. Plus it’d be so freaking hysterical to wake up to such an absurd scenario you’d never expect to happen! One of those things you wish you got on video

    My cat will carry his toys to me and drop them at my feet when he wants to play, for context.

  • Agreed. I guess it’s that value proposition: if you have the time to play, and you play their whole catalog and have a blast, that’s $16.99 well spent.

    As for me I love owning my games (where possible due to licensing and DRM), so the value isn’t there. But my spouse and I certainly took advantage of the heavy discounts they offered like the $1 month. I planned it so that I could try as many games as I could during that period and ended up buying them on GOG or Steam if I really loved them.

    If their whole catalog is refreshed and they have another heavily discounted offer for 1 month, I’ll pick up a month just to try those games. But I definitely would never be a long term customer, I’d be a parasite loss-leader lol.