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  • Wow. This brought up an old memory. Back in the 90s in the college town where I grew up, a student was fucking around in a creek on campus after a storm, got caught in the current and ended up being whipped around through city storm drains for quite some distance. He ended up being fine.

    Then, a few months later, Penn and Teller come into town. They’re doing some sort of trick on stage that involves getting someone from the audience and having them say something unique about them. I’m really sure it was not part of the act, just a coincidence, but that’s the guy they call on. Of course, he gets a huge round of applause, especially since the big performance theater is right in the middle of campus.

    Obviously, that guy was lucky he wasn’t killed, but I haven’t thought about that since it happened in the 90s.

  • Cuba isn’t even their dream communist utopia in terms of their own ideology, but they don’t care. Cuba hasn’t nationalized their extremely lucrative tourism industry. The massive profits from those fancy resorts aren’t being redistributed to the workers.

    But apparently they think that as long as you call yourself communist, you are.

    See also: China- private property ownership and investment, billionaires and a fucking stock exchange. I actually had a Tankie tell me that if I just read Marx, I would see that earning capital is a feature of communism. That’s how nuts these people are.