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  • Spare us the sanctimonious lecturing. I don’t give a single shit about the pearl clutching coming from conservatives after they spent the last two years thinking it was utterly hilarious that a lunatic with a hammer savagely attacked Paul Pelosi… Including Donald “look at my YUGE bandage” Trump. They can dish it out but they can’t take it, fuck this apologia nonsense. A comedian made a tasteless joke about Trump at a concert in Australia. Boo hoo.

    As far as I’m concerned the only one whose reputation has taken a hit here is JB. Immediately throwing Kyle Gass under the bus, cancelling their tour, and announcing “all creative plans are on hold” over that seems like a massive overreaction. I still think he’s an incredibly talented dude and he seems like an otherwise good person but it has made me think quite a bit less of him.

    Edit: And now this jackass is doubling down and insisting anyone that disagrees with their stupid point simply didn’t understand it. Blocked.

  • The New Jersey Attorney General has decided on Friday not to renew two liquor licenses at former President Donald Trump’s New Jersey golf clubs following his conviction on all 34 felony counts in his criminal hush money trial.

    “The New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) has an obligation to maintain integrity in the alcoholic beverage industry in the state,” said a spokesperson with the New Jersey Attorney General(NJAG).

    There’s nothing wrong with the headline and the subheadline does not walk anything back. The liquor licenses were not renewed, and a final hearing is scheduled for July. Turns out, the problem with journalism in the 2020s is that you just need to read the article. Go figure…

  • He’s old, it was his bedtime and instead we asked him to go to a debate. He did just fine, and there was nothing incoherent about it.

    Seriously. Unlike Trump, who spent his entire Presidency ranting on Twitter all night and golfing all day… Biden probably goes to bed early both because he’s old and because he spends his days actually doing his job. The debate performance was disappointing, I get it. But the media acting like he’s being Weekend at Bernie’s Dianne Feinstein’d around D.C. is ridiculous. It sucks that this is where we’re at as a country… but “old guy” vs. “old guy who wants a fascist dictatorship” should not be a fucking struggle for voters.